Medical Refrigerators: The Most Unfairly Underrated Piece of Equipment

Every profession has an extensive list of specialized equipment that is specifically designed to serve a purpose tailored towards fulfilling the certain requirements and tasks that can arise in that field. In much simpler terms, every job has its own set of tools.

medication fridge

As you would imagine, the more specialized fields, like medicine, not only have a large number of different sorts of equipment, but there is in fact a tool for every procedure and for nearly every different type of treatment. Now, you will forgive me if I don’t start naming these complex items, since even a lot of doctors can’t name most of them and I don’t exactly have a medical degree hanging on my wall. There are however quite a few much simpler devices that aren’t quite as complicated as most medical machines, but which still serve a vital but criminally undervalued role, and the medication fridge is a perfect such example.

It’s save to assume that the first thing that many people think of when they hear refrigerators is an appliance that only has a use in either one’s kitchen at home or in a restaurant. However, even though they are not a part of the daily lives of the majority of people, there are also a lot of fridges that have many applications in different areas outside of storing ingredients, and the medication fridge is one of them.

The main purpose of the medication fridge is exactly what their name implies. They are made to keep certain medications, vaccines, IV and blood bags at the exact required temperature. Because of the delicate nature of their contents, these refrigerators are made to be able to provide constant stable low temperatures evenly distributed through out their insides.

One may say that these are the superheroes in the world of fridges and one of their special powers is the integrated alarm system that allows the securing of sensitive stock. There’s also the fan that ensures air circulation through the top and bottom of the unit, thus making sure it remains within the tight mandated temperature parameters of 2-8°C. Much like regular fridges, these can also vary in size, energy consumption and overall appearance. Some also feature additional shelves as to prevent overstocking and many of them are almost maintenance free.

Hopefully, with this guide I have succeed in letting you in on the basics of what these fridges are, their importance, application and how they work.