Lovely Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space

We all love spending time in our backyards, drinking coffee, reading a book or maybe relaxing with our family or friends. Designing and decorating your outdoor living space shouldn’t be an afterthought. From the colours and style you choose to the small accessories like pillows and planters, the details in your outdoor space greatly matter and they should be thoughtfully arranged and organized.

Nowadays, with so many options to choose from, creating a perfect outdoor space doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or complicated. You need to get creative, do some research and take a good look at your space’s surroundings. No matter how limited you are with the size of the place, there is always an opportunity to create a special little corner designed for enjoyment and relaxation.

Invest in Teak Furniture

Let’s start with the furniture, probably the most important element in creating a cozy outdoor living space. Why should you choose teak? Tables, chairs and benches are something you want to last for years to come, so they should be made from high-quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions. Teak is the right pick in this case. This material has many qualities making it the first choice for making outdoor furniture.

Teak is one of the most durable materials because it’s rich in minerals and natural oils. This makes it resistant to rotting able to withstand the elements. These oils make teak water-resistant and waterproof and allow you to leave it outside without any protection or cover. Watermarks or dark patches may appear after it dries out, but it’s something that will even out over time, or you can sand it lightly to remove those marks.

Outdoor teak armchairs and tables can look magnificent in your yard. With its beautiful golden colour, teak will give a new glow and authenticity to your space that catches the eye. As it ages, teak will turn into a beautiful silvery-grey patina because of the natural oxidizing process. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the wood is compromised, on the contrary, you can only benefit from its beauty and new looks. You can slow down or even speed up this process by using products specifically designed for teak.

teak outdoor furniture and armchairs

The only downside to this material is its price. Because it’s not always available on the market, teak holds up to the higher price range. Taking into consideration that it takes at least 25 years for it to reach maturity as a tree, and ranking above chestnut, cedar and mahogany in hardness, paying a higher price for it is understandable. But, it’s worth the investment 100%. If you decide to give it a chance, buying teak outdoor armchairs and tables will be a wise investment as these pieces have a long lifespan of nearly 70 years, providing you with outstanding quality and beauty in every season.

Choose the Proper Lighting

If incorporated right, lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can entertain and feel safe. When choosing this segment, make sure you take into consideration a few things. First, how big is the space? A large area would require flood or wall lights. In small areas, deck or spike lights will do the trick. Second, if you’re worried about security, a sensor light will be the best option. And third, think about where is the safest place to install the lights. Keeping the switches protected from the elements is very important. 
Let’s look at the different types of lights you can benefit from. 

  • Spotlights – this is a great way to accentuate a certain part of the outdoors. With different levels of brightness and areas they can cover, spotlights are perfect for illuminating statues, paintings, plants or walls;
  • String Lights – they are the most common source of light. Very versatile and visually pleasing, these lights can be stringed on the wall, above the table, around pillars, you name it, they can go anywhere;
  • Landscape Lights – these are great for large areas and are simple to install. They can be with motion sensors or solar-powered;
  • Lanterns – these fixtures are a classic choice – they’re very stylish and can be easily placed wherever you need them;
  • Table Lamps – they came in a lot of shapes and sizes and are perfect for small areas where you can wine and dine with your friends and family. 

Go on and have some fun with lights. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll love the beautiful atmosphere and ambience they create.

teak outdoor armchairs

How About an Outdoor Kitchen?  

An outdoor kitchen can be a smart long-term investment. It will provide you with extra entertainment and living space, add value to your home, keep strong smells outside and make cooking more fun. You don’t need a lot of elements to build one. You’ll need durable appliances, proper storage space, good dining space and of course a high-quality grill. You can use it to complement the indoor kitchen or add a completely new style to it.

If you decide to build a kitchen, think about how will you use it, consult with experts about the materials, consider whether you’ll have the space for everything, what would the lighting situation be? Getting all of these answers will help you decide the size and type of your outdoor kitchen. Some stylish teak outdoor armchairs will look great by the kitchen with the modern grill and some string lights around to liven up the place.

Whatever style, size, material and colour you choose, make sure you take all of the safety precautions and cover it up when not using it. Adding things like a smoker, pizza oven and a TV will only delight your friends and family, and you’ll want to spend a lot of time outside cooking their favourite meal and enjoying their company.

outdoor firepit

Cozy Up Next to a Fireplace

Having a fire pit in your outdoor space can be a great focal point and will create the perfect cozy atmosphere. There are many types and styles of fire pits, and no matter what you choose, the benefits are undeniable. Fire pits add warmth to the whole place and create a sense of closeness between people. It encourages them to spend more time outside no matter the weather conditions.

In addition to the emotional benefits, fire pits can also be a good cooking element. We’re not saying roasting a whole pig or chickens, but something smaller like a steak or some potatoes. Plus, s’mores and marshmallows are a great way to end the night with something sweet. Kids will love it and adults can extend those nights in the warmth and comfort of the fire.

Accessorize With Care 

With the right accessories, even a smaller outdoor living space can become a very pleasant and comfortable place to be. Adding pillows with different shapes, materials and patterns will brighten up the space and breathe life into it.  If you don’t have a lot of coverage during the summer, buying an umbrella will do the trick. It will keep you away from the heat, protect your skin and provide some privacy. What’s more, adding planters can liven up your space. Depending on the available space you have you can go horizontally or vertically. You can grow whatever you like in them – be it flowers or herbs.  

In Summary 

Most people have access to an outdoor space, a balcony a backyard, a patio. Whatever it is don’t let that space go to waste. Use it as smart as possible and soon it will become one of your favourite places to spend your free time in.