Of Lovely Weddings and Lovely Lights: How Led Lights for Stairs Saved the Day

Like to admit it or not, many of us women dream of the wedding day our whole lives. For some, it starts all the way in childhood, when playing house with friends, then growing up dreaming of the soulmate, and going into details, such as what the dress would be like, followed by how the ceremony would go, every step of the way.

I was part of that group of women, so of course, when it was time for my big day, everything had to be perfect; from my intricate dress, to the utensils, table cloths, . Planning out the whole ceremony and reception in the yard isn’t as piece of cake as I had previously thought, but it was Led lights for stairs that saved the day in the end.

The primary idea my husband and I had in mind was lighting up the area with candles, as it was to be an afternoon event until we’d seen the weather forecast (plenty of showers), and it was then when Led lights for stairs appeared as the perfect solution. Eco-friendly, durable, budget-friendly in the long run, what’s not to like about LEDs?

Designed to be weatherproof, and provide the needed amount of light, we didn’t waste time in lighting up the deck, and steps with recessed lights, and even took the illuminating makeover a step further – to the indoors. The soft, unobtrusive output wowed me, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

The ceremony and reception were in the most romantic ambiance possible, that I didn’t even see in my dreams, so you can imagine we loved it, our parents loved it, our guests loved it – it sure was a memorable day for all of us to be sure. In the end it didn’t rain as much as it was predicted, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the makeover altogether.

The reason I dedicate this post to these lights is because, now that the event went according to plan (and even better), we can finally enjoy making use of the lighting. Midnight snacking is no longer an issue, as the LEDs help us mind our steps, along with that there’s an added style, function, as well as security and safety; all of it without glare.

I can’t say I’ve ever been as pleased about lighting fixtures, more so that they also take part of my big day. Their desirable properties are a reason too I recommend them to everyone thinking of a lighting makeover that’s energy efficient.