Some Lovely Ideas for Refreshing Your Living Room

Change can sometimes be quite difficult to go through with, even if we were the ones that insist upon it. This is because change can walk the line between scary and exhilarating. And such is the case when you decide to alter you whereabouts. Changing your home does not only apply to moving out or travelling abroad. Even small shifts in our interior design arrangements can have the power to affect us in a great way.

Let me tell you, redecorating and refreshing your place is not as scary as it sounds. Sometimes, we need to introduce something new to our lives, whether it’s fitting our sofa with new upholstery or deciding to by a brand new piece. And if you’re growing increasingly tired with lounging in the same old space, here are some ways you can update your home furniture without going through an expensive renovation.

Refresh a Tired Seating Area

Matching seating sets of a sofa and chairs used to be a very popular trend which I believe had something to do with people being too lazy to buy furniture piece by piece. It could be that you got yourself one of these sets and want to introduce some exciting variety. In that case, rather than replacing a large piece of home furniture such as a sofa, go for one of the chairs instead. If the old set had a neutral or pastel colour, this time go for something bolder which will add interest to the space without being over the top. And if you find yourself especially playful, choose an alternative seating piece such as a bean bag, or large ottoman which can also function as a coffee table.

A New Footing for Your Interior with a Stylish Rug

Never underestimate the power of a rug. Today, I see many people avoiding them because they think they require a lot of maintenance. This could be the case with large wall to wall carpets, but a small area rug just under the coffee table and the sofa can add the perfect pep in a room. Moreover, placing a rug under a table will protect a delicate floor from any scratches. You can choose a rug in a colour or style that matches a furniture item or wall painting which will tie the room together. Or you can go with an oriental piece for a more eclectic flair.

Add Some Shelves

Love to read? Showcase your proud collection with the addition of a colourful book shelves. And if you find your walls lack something, there are also charming wall shelves which in a tiny living room can be the space saving alternative to a bookshelf. Small hanging shelves are usually an inexpensive way to spice up boring walls.

Update the Coffee Table

The coffee table is the essential living room staple always open to embrace a brand new look without actually undergoing replacement. It is the one piece of furniture which can keep your interior always fresh. Come spring, placing a bouquet of fresh flowers with fill the air with a soothing fragrance. And what better way to capture the spirit of a season than decorating the table with some fun DIY seasonal decorations.