The Life of a Ballerina: What are the Must-Have Accessories?

Ballet is one of the most beautiful dances we’ve had the pleasure of having for centuries, and along with that it’s beneficial for body and mind alike.

Still, this doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. The dream of becoming a ballerina may seem appealing but it takes a lot of dedication and work. You can’t rely only on your talent to be able to succeed in the moves, or even make it into a hobby that would later come to be your profession in life.

Part of the dedication of course comes in the form of equipment and accessories. Of course, it’s not just about the basics once you take dancing seriously because fact is there are going to be events requiring special moves and special looks focusing on the dress, make-up and hairstyle, so you have to think of accessories in a broader term.

A ballerina gets the audience’s attention with the moves, how gracefully she takes every step, but just because the eyes are on the moves it doesn’t mean they won’t notice when a dress is out of shape and wrinkled. A ballerina ought to take care of her dress same way she takes care of the improvement of skills so adequate garment bags can’t be left out.

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There are various bags you can find at specialised dance wear store differing in size and shape, based on the different garments you need them for, so choose accordingly. Your looks have to be impeccable and not just when it comes to the posture!

Next, the make-up. While a ballerina’s make-up may be subtle, at least when compared to other types of dances, it’s still present, it’s part of the dance itself, which makes it one of the essentials.

It can be difficult to pack up and organise all of the necessary brushes, cosmetics, the wipes, adhesives, sanitisers and setting spray, including refreshing masks and products for when the show is over, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled with a well-designed make-up bag from the dance wear store that allows you to adjust the compartments to the size you need.

Performances often happen to be physically demanding, there’s no doubt about it, and what you do post-performance has a say in how quick your relaxation and recovery would be. This makes the body stretching exercises important, as well as some props that help with that in the likes of ball or foam rollers which can be useful with self-acupressure and massage too.

In case you’re limited with what you can carry along, then opt for the latter as they’re also great with exercises and building balance.