Simple & Lovely – Introducing Hampton Style in Your Living Room

If you are in the process of jazzing up your living room as to achieve a new, softer design direction, then the Hamptons style might be the right choice for you.

Hamptons Style Interior – What is it?

This is a classic coastal style inspired by the architecture and decorating of holiday homes down the luxury seaside areas of East America, where it is all about escaping the city life. It is timeless, elegant and refined and can help you achieve a certain level of sleekness and simplicity without compromising on warmth. The look creates a sense of long-lasting beauty and comfort, defined with bright, fresh, sophisticated, yet coastal vibe. When walking into such home, it’s inevitable to not notice the luxurious, oversized furniture and the throws, perfect for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Hamptons Style at Your Home

Plenty of natural textures and a calming colour palette are the fundamental elements of this style. The colour palette is predominately neutral, a crisp white and an earthy, creamy or ivory tone. To implement the Hamptons look in your home, start with a base that will set the tone for the entire space. A shade of white will do the job, but if the flooring is white as well, then you can pick a light blue or light grey paint.

When it comes to furnishing, it’s all about pulling together different key elements, high-quality and beautiful ones that will last for ages. This coastal design relies on pieces that can bring the entire room together: cushions, vignettes or coffee tables. Coffee tables are extremely important to achieve the desired effect since they are often the focal point in the living room. That being said, you ought to choose a Hamptons coffee table that ticks all important boxes – appeal, suitable size and sturdy material.

The Different Types of Coffee Tables That Fit in This Design


As this style draws a lot of inspiration from nature itself, coffee tables made of coloured wood are quite common. The most popular ones feature a combination of wood (mainly oak wood) and iron. This type is a quality preference as they last long and small imperfections might appear with time that will only add to their gracefulness. They give a homey feeling, no matter if you are trying to achieve a beachy or chic look. Usually produced in square and rectangular shape.


These are also called ottomans. They are a popular choice, mainly because the upholstered fabric turns the living room into a softer and more elegant space. Lighter fabric top might get stained more easily than a darker one, but if your living room dictates a lighter choice, you can easily take proper care of it.


Same as the upholstered ones, white coffee tables are a popular choice for creating this style. They are easy to combine with other furniture and fill up the room with freshness. A white coffee table symbolizes a classic, timeless look. They do requires proper attention and care though. 


These are a great addition if you want to design your space in a glamourous way. With silver or gold metallic finishes, the glided coffee table will balance the other elements in the room.

Tray Top 

If you select a tray top coffee table, you’ll be able to use it for placing decorations on it while adding to the crisp and homey atmosphere of this design. 

Coffee Table with Straight-edge or Quatrefoil Details

Crosses and lattices are details that can infuse any living room with the Hampton style. Cloverleaf and quatrefoil are usually seen on cushions and rugs, but they look good on a Hamptons coffee table, too.


It is a beautifully carved stool, traditionally used by the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. Used only on royal ceremonies since only the king can sit on it. Represents power and knowledge. The unique look allows it to be used as a side table as well. 

Note: Natural, soft bulbs and lit candles can add to the whole calming look. Adding a mix of table and floor lamps can also introduce more warmth and softness. Also, if your living room isn’t spacious enough, you can visually double it with strategically placed mirrors that can extend your living space by reflecting light.