How to Choose an Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Just like you, your pup also needs some good, quality rest. Depending on their age, dogs can sleep anywhere between 12 to 18 hours a day, making the bed their primary residence throughout the day.

It’s extremely important for your dog to have a comfortable place to sleep in. They’re very active in the time they’re awake, so having somewhere to lay down properly and rest should be a number one priority from the get-go.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

No matter how big or small your dog is, their bones and joints are very prone to wear-and-tear, especially if they’re a breed known to have issues in this department, like labradors. You can do many things to keep their bones and joints healthy, like sticking to a diet with the necessary nutrients, regular exercise, and provide good living conditions. But often, a proper bed matters the most.

There are many types of dog beds out there, but even if it’s the cutest bed you’ve ever laid eyes on, if what’s inside isn’t up to par, it’s not worth it. Getting a bed that will provide proper support, comfort, and rest to your best friend is something you should definitely look into. Our recommendation would be to get an orthopaedic dog bed.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Just like orthopaedic shoes or a mattress for humans, an orthopaedic dog bed is specifically made to support your dog’s constitution and let them rest well. But getting just any such bed won’t do the trick. You’ll need to be careful and choose one that fits your dog and their needs best, just like you would when choosing a mattress for yourself.

That being said, here’s what to look for when browsing for an orthopaedic dog bed.


Dog Bed With Memory Foam Support

Sure, your puppy can snooze on the floor, but don’t you sometimes nap on the living room couch too and then transfer to your comfy bed? That’s exactly what you need to encourage in your dog as well.

What makes orthopedic beds for dogs great is their filling. Memory foam is by far the best filling such beds can have.

Memory foam is an amazing invention that responds to the body’s heat and weight, shaping itself to fit it just right, providing ultimate support in the process. Unlike the hard floor that puts pressure on the body, a memory foam bed is soft and eliminates any pressure points. Your dog won’t be able to feel the floor at all when sleeping on a memory foam dog bed.

Additionally, memory foam provides great ventilation, thus preventing your dog from getting too hot or too cold, keeping their temperature optimal, while their bones, muscles, and joints are resting and recovering nicely.


Make sure the bed is large enough to fit your dog, but also allow them to stretch out as much as they’d like. The key to a good night’s sleep is being able to move around in the bed, positioning your body as you please, without any restrictions. We’re sure you wouldn’t sleep on a mattress that your feet dangle off from, so make sure your dog doesn’t have to as well.

German Shepherd sleeping on orthopedic dog bed

Another thing to pay attention to when choosing the size is the height of the bed. It should be high enough so your dog doesn’t squish it all the way to the floor when on it, but also low enough so they can climb in. This is especially important if your dog is already old or has arthritis issues and their climbing abilities are not what they used to be. Climbing on and off things puts a lot of pressure on the joints, so make sure their way to bed is as comfortable as their sleep will be!


Crucial for comfort and maintenance alike, the material that covers the dog orthopedic beds mattress is also something you should consider carefully.

Make sure it has a cover that can be easily removed and thrown in the wash, as dogs, especially old ones can be prone to accidents. Even if that’s not the case, the cover is basically a bed sheet and should be washed once in a while to keep the sleeping space clean.

Another important aspect of the material is to get something that won’t irritate the dog’s skin, so organic fabrics are best. They will also prevent your dog from getting too hot while sleeping.

A dog bed that’s dust and mite resistant is also great, and so is one that has a waterproof cover. This way you’ll make sure the memory foam mattress is protected no matter what happens.

A waterproof cover doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do something special to clean it. All prep you really need to do is brush off any dust and hair left on it and set the washer to the recommended degree, usually 30oC. If using a softener, make sure it’s something that won’t affect your dog’s health, as their noses are very sensitive.

To Sum Up

Just like any dog owner, we’re sure you’d like your best friend to have all the best things. Including an orthopaedic dog bed in the list of essential items when adopting a dog will do wonders for their health and help prevent certain problems from developing as they age.

If your dog is already showing signs of damaged bones and joints, an orthopaedic bed paired with proper exercise and treatment will help them with the pain and greatly improve their quality of life.

No matter what the situation is or how old your pet is, they’ll be grateful to have their own, comfortable space to sleep in and relax.