Here’s How to Use Poppers Properly

With the continued acceptance of homosexuals by mainstream Australia, some of the things that were kept hidden of the gay world are now finally seeing the light of day. And a lot of the things that were “discovered” by the gay community, straight people are now misusing and completely ruining…

Take poppers, for example. I have a friend that just texted me the other night saying he tried a jungle popper for the first time and described the experience as “meh” and underwhelming compared to what his expectations were. “A few seconds of dizziness and wooziness” is how he described it. What came as no surprise, is that he used them entirely wrong.

So for all of you who want to get familiar with this sex drug, here are a few guidelines that will make sure you dive right into it without doing anything stupid or embarrassing yourself in front of your partner.

First and foremost, popper brands like the jungle popper are made of a substance known as alkyl nitrites, most commonly isobutyl and isopropyl nitrite, which were originally used to treat heart conditions, but were later explored by the gay community in the form of amyl nitrite. But you probably don’t care all that much what’s in them, you just want to know what they do.

Mostly, you’ll feel a short-lived high in the form of a head-rush and slight dizziness and euphoria. You’ll feel warmth all over your body and you might even blush. If you use them in a sexual context, you’ll want to stick your willy or have a willy in all of your holes. They don’t necessarily make you horny, they just make you want to go at it like an animal.

You can combine poppers with alcohol and other drugs, but it’s not encouraged for first timers who have no experience. So maybe save the mixing for another occasion and go slowly. However, never combine them with viagra, as both poppers and viagra alternate the blood flow and dilate your blood vessels, and you risk getting a heart attack.

So unless you do stupid, unnecessary experiments with poppers, they’re completely safe (if you’re a healthy individual). They’re still illegal to buy in Australia, but there’s a loop in the law which kinda let’s you order them online as leather cleaners or odourizers or whatever. Just make sure you order them from a reputable website so you get the real deal, not some washed-down, harmful products.