Feeling Stressed Out? Try Out the Bach Rescue Remedy

Stress is an inevitable part of our human lives. Without it, we’d be slightly bored or maybe won’t push ourselves to our limits. But feeling constantly worried and stressed over everyday events can cause physical and emotional symptoms – it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, increase the acid in your stomach, cause insomnia, exhaustion and headaches. Whether it’s your demanding job or calendar packed with tasks that had to be done by yesterday – there are many situations in our lives that can make us feel frustrated or nervous.

Now let’s get one thing straight, stress isn’t bad in small doses. It can be a motivator and it is essential for survival. It puts your body in the mode to respond to hazardous or challenging situations by producing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to better handle these situations. So, a certain amount of stress is fine as it can help you deal with a short term problem. For instance, if you are stressed about some project that you have to do for your job and your stress causes you to ask for help, then your stress has done its job. However, if you are stressing out too often, day-after-day, this kind of chronic stress can take a physical and mental toll on your mind and body. Thankfully, stress can be managed by using various techniques such as slow breathing, exercising and doing more of the things that you enjoy. In addition to this, taking a Bach rescue remedy can also help you in cope with it.

bach rescue remedy

The bach rescue remedy is actually a blend of five different flower remedies that were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach back in the 1930s. He had determined the therapeutic benefit of each particular remedy by the emotion he experienced while holding each of the different flowers. The way that these remedies are made is by floating the flower heads in pure spring water and leaving them in the sun or boiling them for a few hours. The flowers are then removed and the water is mixed with a preservative like brandy. The flower essence contains no physical parts of the flower but instead the flower’s healing vibration. What’s captured in the water is the energy imprint of the flower. Say what?

It may sound a little strange and eccentric but the healing power of nature is not a new concept, actually, it has been known for a long time now. Everything is energy, we are energetic beings and so are flowers. When their energetic imprint is captured, there is a chance that a healing resonance can take place. For instance, the Rock Rose essence that can be found in the bach rescue remedy helps one to deal with panic, while the Clematis flower essence can help you to focus more on the present moment and the real world instead of daydreaming and living in your own imaginary world. The idea behind Bach flower remedies is similar to homeopathy – they all work with the body’s energy fields so that the body can cure itself.

woman adding bach rescue remedy in her drink

This is why it’s safe to say that the Bach rescue remedy is a natural method of healing that can help you deal with various stressful situations where you need to be able to gather yourself and be in charge of your emotions. It is able to diminish the effect of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and worry caused by stress. Even today, more than 80 years later, this remedy is promoted for managing the emotional demands of life and many people seem to be experiencing the positive effect judging by all the positive reviews this product has.

All you need to do to feel the benefits of the Bach rescue remedy is to simply add four drops to your drink of choice or put a few drops on your tongue as many times as necessary.