Features That Render French Provincial Style Refined Yet Functional

Being the perfect combination of refined and rustic details, the French provincial style can give any home a welcoming and casual feel, all while making it look sophisticated and elegant. It’s mostly inspired by rustic country life, but it also reflects a dose of the extravagant beauty of Paris. This style is based on the use of ornate furniture pieces, soft colours and rustic décor items, which all give the interior a unique refined look that can work well in both modern and more traditional home setting.

The French provincial interior design style is becoming more and more popular and the main reason for its growing popularity is its ability to create a functional home, that looks beautiful and inviting. Every room in the house is designed to serve it’s purpose, all while enhancing the beauty of the interior design. A French provincial living room is the perfect example of this. Every element in the room is arranged to create a cohesive look that represents a unique fusion of elegance and simplicity. While the design game of this unique style may seem complex, it’s actually quite simple. Creativity and smart choice of functional yet stylish elements are the only things you need to get the French provincial look.

Ornate and functional furniture pieces are the main elements that you need to infuse your living room with a dose of chic rustic vibes. Usually made of sold wood, French provincial side tables, chairs, recliners, buffets and other pieces are know for their elegant yet simple look and have the purpose to make your living space more functional. These gorgeous furniture pieces can be hand-painted or carved and their sturdy construction from top quality and durable timbers means they will beautify your home for years to come. Smart and distinctive design is the key feature of French style furnishings. For example, French provincial side tables may feature vertical dividers instead of classic shelving which create a practical storage space for organizing books and magazines and can also serve as a place for displaying stylish décor details.

Another feature that defines the French provincial style, in addition to well-designed furnishings is it’s refined, soft colour pallet. While the floor in a French country home is usually dark wood or tile, the walls are painted in a neutral colour that is a nice contrast to the flooring. White is the dominant colour in furnishings, but the pieces can also be painted in some other neutral hues like beige, ivory or baby pink. The décor pieces, on the other hand, come in more vibrant colours such as blue, lavender and yellow and reflect the stunning lavender fields soaked in bright sunshine scattered all over the South France, which is the place where this unique style first appeared.