Continuing the National Tradition with the Right BBQ

Barbecuing makes a big portion of our Aussie tradition and identity. We may not be the only nation in the world that barbecues their meat on the grill, but we have proudly turned it into a national tradition. Whenever possible, we look forward to every chance we get to invite friends and family over and just enjoy some chops, steaks, sausages or fresh seafood over a couple of cold beers.

How It All Started

It wasn’t until the early 1900s that events that were referred to as barbecues, emerged in Australia. Back in the days, Sydney papers advertised an event as a public barbecue to promote Peace Bonds, stating that a bullock that was given by the Master Butchers will be roasted all in one piece. Since that event, it took many decades for the whole process to turn into the finely chopped pieces of meat served on our plates today.

That being said, it’s safe to add that today no outdoor food event would be quite complete without some sort of a BBQ. It has become an essential and for many Aussies today, it is one of the main reasons we equip our outdoor spaces with the essentials required for enjoying this tradition.

Choosing the Right BBQ Type

There are many types of commercial grills you can choose from today. The first thing that you have to decide is whether you want your BBQ to use gas or coal. If you prefer the authentic smokey flavour the you should go for a coal barbie. On the other hand, gas ones aren’t as able to dd that flavour to the food. But if you want to be able to fire your BBQ up quickly, have a bigger heat control to obtain that flawlessly cooked steak, and avoid having to faff with coals, then you ought to go for commercial grills that use gas as their source of energy.

As for the type of grills, small portable models are very compact and convenient to be carried around almost anywhere which is convenient, especially for camping. Freestanding commercial grills are a bit bigger and can be also moved around but only around the house. If you are one of those people that are fortunate enough to have a larger backyard, then maybe you can afford a built-in BBQ that is bigger than all the others. Many manufacturers make it easier for you and offer complete kitchen sets with everything you might need, like a bar to keep or your beverages cold, a build in burner module, a sink module, a BBQ and a pizza oven.