Benefits of Using Organic Body Moisturisers

Your skin is the biggest breathing, living organ in your body. When you apply something to your epidermis, up to 60% of it is absorbed into your bloodstream and circulated throughout your entire body. However, if you were aware of the toxins that non-organic skin care products contain in them, you might hesitate before using them.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see an increase in the use of organic skincare products. When looking for the best natural skincare alternatives, an organic body lotion can be a good starter as it can do wonders for your skin!

The Benefits of Using Organic Body Moisturisers

So, if you keep on using non-organic skincare products it’s high time to reconsider your choices. Switching to a soothing organic body moisturiser that smells and feels good on your skin instead comes with many benefits! These are the most common and amazing ones.


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Unfortunately, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, and other possibly harmful synthetic skincare ingredients are widely used in modern skincare and beauty products, including lotions. Some of these substances may disrupt hormone balance and irritate the body. Contrary to what you might anticipate from a body lotion, some may even worsen dry skin with extended use.

Even though some ingredients may be labelled as organic or certified as such, it’s important to make sure the final product is made with plants grown without any possible pesticides. A high proportion of organic ingredients are used to create organic body moisturisers which result in higher-quality raw materials that are free of possibly harmful chemicals that can be found in pesticides.

All from Nature Aromatics

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When you first smell a commercial body lotion, it can smell good, but you never know what’s in it. A synthetic fragrance’s ingredients are never specified, and it could contain any number of chemical yet harmful compounds in combination. However, that’s not the case with natural alternatives as any good organic body moisturiser will not contain any synthetic fragrance in its content.

Moreover, once you get used to these natural aromatics you will never want to make a switch again. On the other hand, lotions that contain synthetic fragrances can commonly trigger allergic reactions. That’s why you can check what you are putting on your skin and appreciate the lovely aromas from nature if the organic ingredients in your natural body moisturizer are clearly labelled.

No Harmful Aging

Certain synthetic chemicals that are present in body moisturising products, particularly when used long-term, have been linked to the early onset of aging. Contrarily, organic alternatives are frequently boosted with antioxidant-rich oils and other natural components. Vitamins C and E, organic jojoba oil, olive oil, plum seed oil, and countless other plant-based ingredients are frequent in natural body moisturisers and they may be able to effectively combat the physical effects of aging.

Plant-Based Is Better

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The synthetic chemicals used in commercial moisturisers may have short-term benefits, but they also have negative long-term effects. Their chemical components may give the skin immediately noticeable results, such as reducing blemishes and smoothing out wrinkles.

But over time, as your body attempts to adapt to the constant exposure to these foreign, harmful substances, these chemicals weaken and damage your skin. This causes clogged pores, skin irritation, heightened sensitivity, and accelerated aging.

In this regard, most of the conventional body lotions also include hormone-disrupting ingredients like phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, and parabens. These recognized carcinogens can significantly impair your hormonal, reproductive, and immune systems. The higher toxic concentrations that can enter and accumulate in your body as a result of using more of these goods can later lead to numerous health issues.

However, by utilizing natural and organic moisturisers you can ensure that you receive true nutritional benefits from components that healthily collaborate with your body, enabling your skin to better balance and heal itself. For instance, organic natural ingredients that encourage smooth and soft skin include shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey.

Even though the effects on the skin might not be visible right away, you can rest assured that these natural and organic skin care alternatives are kind to your skin and won’t harm it or your health over time. For an ultimately glowing skin and healthy beauty routine, don’t stop with the body lotion and consider other natural skincare and beauty products such as mineral foundation, or natural makeup products.

Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free

Organic goods used in a natural body moisturiser don’t harm the environment, especially the soil, water, and air because they’re made with naturally grown ingredients free of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Additionally, organic farming is healthier for wildlife, uses fewer pesticides and fertilizer sprays, creates less carbon dioxide, and generates fewer hazardous wastes. Therefore, utilizing organic body lotions can reduce the environmental effect and promote environmental sustainability.

In addition, commercial beauty business has faced enormous criticism for using animal testing to make sure their products are safe for human consumption. Since they are made with natural ingredients, organic goods don’t need to be tested for safety. By purchasing organic body moisturising alternatives, you not only support the industry’s efforts to end animal experimentation but also you are purchasing cruelty-free products.

The best way to make sure the moisturiser you are about to get is plant-based and cruelty-free is to check the ingredients list provided by the manufacturer on the back of the package. Another way is to check whether the product contains the asterisk denoting organic or certified organic products.