Antinol Joint Supplements: Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Dogs are like humans. They can develop almost the same health conditions as we do, so it’s not strange seeing your dog facing joint problems. In fact, this might be considered the most common health condition in dogs which luckily, can be treated with the help of joint supplements. Although some people first turn to the natural way of treating this condition, the use of joint supplements is way better and more effective. There are supplements available on the market, but it seems that the most effective one is the Antinol joint supplement.

What Is Antinol?

The Antinol joint supplement is an all-natural anti-inflammatory medication that is designed to improve the dog’s mobility and joint problems. Besides treating the actual problem, Antinol for dogs can also be used as a preventive measure for your furry friend. The active ingredient in this product is PCSO-524® or marine-sourced fatty acid blend which is the marine lipid oil obtained from the Perna canaliculus – Green-lipped mussel. This oil is natural and contains around 91 free fatty acid components, polar and non-polar lipids, sterol esters and carotenoids. Besides these crucial ingredients, Antinol also contains vitamin E, gelatin, D-alpha-tocopherol, olive oil, glycerin and omega 3 fatty acids like DHA, EPA, ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid) and the rare but extremely powerful OTA (octadecatetraenoic acid).

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Benefits of Antinol

The main benefit of using this supplement for dogs is to relieve joint pain and stiffness. For instance, if you notice that your furry friend finds it difficult to get up in the morning or doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs, this is a clear sign that it has some kind of joint problems. That being said, Antinol is also great for:

  • Improving dogs’ trainability;
  • Preventing any kind of inflammation that can lead to arthritis;
  • Improving the dog’s inflammatory and arthritis condition;
  • Great for performance and show dogs that need to perform at their best.

Since this is a natural medication, keep in mind that it might take about 10 days for you to see improvement. To know the right dosage for your dog, you should take it to the veterinarian because the right amount mainly depends on the dog’s age, weight and overall health. Generally speaking, dogs up to 22kg can take 2 – 4 caps per day, while dogs over 22kg can take 4 caps per day. The maintenance dosage for dogs up to 22kg is 1 – 2 caps per day while for those over 22kg would be 2 caps per day.

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What’s the Difference Between Antinol and Antinol Rapid?

Just like Antinol, Antinol Rapid also contains PCSO-524, however, it also contains extracted krill oil ( ) which makes it more powerful than regular Antinol. In other words, this blend is more powerful and able to increase the anti-inflammatory effect over Antinol. Another difference between these two is that Antinol Rapid has added nutrients and antioxidants like astaxanthin and choline. The rapid version of Antinol also contains EAB-227 which is a new and more improved version of Antinol PCSO-524. The EAB-227 contains a full spectrum of omega 3 acids in a highly bioavailable form which is quite beneficial for dogs. Thanks to all of these ingredients and antioxidants, it’s believed that the rapid version of Antinol can provide a better anti-inflammatory effect than the regular version. The last difference between these two medications is that the expiring date of the Rapid Antinol is longer.

The dosage of this Antinol can also depend on your dog’s weight and its symptom. But generally speaking, the loading dose of Rapid for dogs up to 22kg is 2 – 4 capsules per day and for those over 22kg is 4 capsules per day. This dosage is recommended to be taken for two weeks.

The maintenance dosage of Rapid Antinol for dogs up to 22kg is 1 – 2 capsules per day and for those over 22kg 2 capsules per day. There is no time frame when using the maintenance dose which means that they can be used continuously or as prescribed by the veterinarian.

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How to Take It?

The easiest way to take these gel capsules is from your hand. In fact, dogs find it as a treat and quite pleasant. The thing you should know about the Rapid version is that thanks to the EAB-227 ingredient it can have a little marine smell which some dogs don’t like. However, you can easily mix the capsule in its wet/raw food or administer it orally as you would do with some other dog medications.

Where to Buy Antinol?

Both of these medications can be bought directly from the Antinol online store or you can buy them from any certified and trusted online pet store that focuses on providing you with healthcare-related products.