Accessories that Can Protect Your Phone without Sacrificing Its Design

Although smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, they still come at unbelievably high prices. And they are now more delicate than ever. It’s as though the more features they include, the more fragile they become. So, when you splash out hundreds of dollars on something so delicate, it’s only normal that you’d want to protect your investment in one way or another. Luckily, there are great ways you can protect your phone from drops, scratches, cracks and inquisitive toddlers without sacrificing its modern aesthetic and sleekness, like the following.

Gel Skins

Most protective cases are often thick, which is a blasphemy considering how smartphone manufacturers put a lot of effort into making their designs as slimmer as possible. If you want to preserve the pristine and thin look of your smartphone, a gel skin can be a great alternative to a phone case. Its gel design allows it to mould around the shape and design of the device while protecting it from damage. You can get a transparent skin that shows off the original design of the phone, or a colourful skin that allows you to make a personal statement. But the main reason why a skin is the best protective phone accessory is that it doesn’t add any noticeable thickness or weight to your device.

Phone Rings

If you’re not into the idea of covering up your phone neither with a case nor with a skin, then a phone ring might be the next best thing. In fact, a phone ring can be a very useful phone accessory for those suffering from an extreme case of the butterfingers. Once the ring is attached to your phone and you slip your finger thorough it, it will be virtually impossible for you to drop your phone. The metal ring can rotate at any angle you need, and it can also function as a phone stand allowing you to conveniently rest your phone on a surface when watching videos or video chatting with someone.

Screen Protector

Although the phone ring can protect your phone from accidental drops, it cannot protect its screen from scratches, which brings us to screen protectors. There are regular skin protectors made of tampered glass that can be as thin as 0.15mm, but there are also some that can get even thinner. Nano liquid screen protectors are the thinnest protectors that can be found on the market. Although unbelievably slim, they can protect your device from all kinds of external forces due to their sapphire-like hardness.