A Living Room Designed for Conversation: Create a Welcoming Space with Practical Pieces of Furniture

Your living room is the place where family and friends come together. And with a little bit of work and inspiration, your living room could be the synonym for relaxation and comfort. Although every household has one, not everyone is using it for the same purposes and activities. Some living rooms have a television as a centrepiece, others a library, or a dining table in the middle of the room, etc. How are you going to organize and use it is completely up to you, but making your space comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t have a living room that is worth bragging about. That’s why I’d like you to help pick comfy and aesthetically-pleasing furniture and inspire you with design solutions that are worth considering.

Designer Ottoman: Cozy and Luxurious

The ottoman is that one perfect combination between multiple furniture pieces, or in other words, a Frankenstein between a sofa, a chair and a fluffy cloud. When a furniture piece is done right (and by that I mean an ottoman that is designed to be universal for anyone who uses it), it should also be versatile in its use and aesthetically pleasing. If you want an ottoman that is closer to a chair, look for luxury ottomans with legs and a sturdy seat. These are especially comfortable if the seat is wide. 

You can have your ottoman placed on the ground without legs, and fluffy enough to make you sink into coziness. Other than just a seat, comfortable and luxury ottomans could be your new living room centrepiece. To really make it pop, pick a colour that is opposite on the spectrum from the rest of your furniture. However, pay attention to the material. You don’t want a contrast too extreme in sense of texture and the era from which design is inspired or resembles. As mentioned above, some ottomans are multi-purpose and have space for storage. This space is ideal for keeping your blankets, seasonal clothing, kid toys and accessories.

Designer Chair: Stylish and Comfortable

designer chair
source: home-designing.com

There are just so many different design solutions to chairs nowadays, seems like people love to create and come up with new shapes of furniture every day. Therefore it wouldn’t be practical to go through them all, nor do you want to read about it all day. However, there are a few basic requirements your set of chairs need to satisfy. Let’s begin with ergonomics. Now, what we’re discussing isn’t the work chair that has specific measurements to allow you proper posture at all times but your living room chair should also be comfortable. 

It would be nice if your set of chairs is welcoming to all family members, friends or guests that come to visit and likes to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. This depends on the size, height, material, and position of the chair’s back and legs. Usually, you know just by looking at it, but if you’re able to try it out before buying – do that. If you’re into unique pieces that have quality but also versatility, look for custom chairs.

Illuminate Your Living Room and Give it Depth

Lightning is perhaps the final and most important part which decides the whole of your living room’s atmosphere.  You also need to consider several factors such as the amount of natural daylight that comes through your windows and the different activities that take place in that room. It’s incredible how certain people resonate with warmer colours while others like the complete opposite on the spectrum where you have colder, closer to blue and farther from warm and red. 

You pick your bulbs or LED lighting according to your preference but instead of a singular light source such as a  chandelier, I suggest that you consider splitting your room into multiple sections. What I mean by that is, spreading the light and sourcing it from multiple lamps or hanging lights which will give additional depth and texture to your room. One light hanging above the dining table, for example, another lamp on a stand in your reading corner, an electric candle on top of your coffee table, and so on. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different levels of brightness and colours.

Get Curtains that Compliment Your Furniture

source: realhomes.com

Framing your windows with long voluminous curtains or drapes helps in creating a better outline of your room. Other than keeping the sun away, curtains are designed to draw a line between you and the world outside. They are even more useful if you pick a texture and material that matches the rest of your furniture, so the whole picture is aesthetically pleasing. 

Curtains and drapes are timeless accessories for any home that never go out of style. Even with tons of shades and blinds appearing on the market each day, the demand for drapes remains the same. For drapes to create the right and desired impact they need to be well measured. A poorly fit drape can be disastrous. Make sure not to skimp on size when you choose your drapers or curtains. One final suggestion: hang your draper from near the ceiling down to the floor but without touching it. This is the trick to make your room look bigger, and your ceiling taller than what it actually is.